Indigo Music Festival

I want this blog to focus on a variety of things occurring in Israel.  Unfortunately I am not in the Holy Land quite yet so I cannot attend and let you know about fun events, tasty restaurants, gorgeous mountains to hike, or trendy stores to shop in (are ya jealous yet?).  I can, however, focus on happenings in the news.
Just last week the band The Pixies announced that they were no longer going to be playing at the Pic.nic festival in Tel Aviv.  I understand if they do not agree with Israel’s actions, but unfortunately they disappointed more than 15,000 fans who have been waiting a long time to see them perform.
It is interesting to note how Israeli’s took the cancellation.  In a New York Times article it says, “Some Israelis took the cancellation as an indication of the growing isolation they believe their government’s policies are leading to. For others, it served as proof of how deeply Israel is misunderstood.”  I personally side with the latter.  The Pixies are not the only band who has cancelled performances.  So too has Gil Scott-Heron and Elvis Costello (which is funny because his wife Dianna Krall is still expected to perform there in a few months).
The British band Placebo did not cancel their performance.  Having studied abroad in London for a semester, this comes as to no surprise that the lead singer told the audience he decided to play the show because he found Israeli’s very attractive.  xx.
Jimi Hendrix has a very famous quote, and personally one of my favorites.  It reads “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”  I would say Jimi was a peaceful-loving man.  As was John Lennon who highlighted this non-peculiarity in his song, Imagine.  Hmm… let us now fast forward to today.  We will focus on another John, Mr. John Mayer.  He recently came out with a song titled, Waiting on the World to Change.  Can you see the trend I am trying to focus on here?  The trend of: ‘peace, love, and music man.’
There is a charitable organization that I am particularly fond of, Playing for Change.  Their slogan is literally “Peace through Music” and their mission is to travel all around the world and have different musicians play music while people come together and enjoy the tunes.  As we all know music is the universal language.  That is why these musicians cancelling their performances in Israel is so unfortunate.  It is hard to see peace and music separate when I feel they should always coexist.
But then again, I am proud to live in a democratic nation, and that is what democracy is all about.  Like many Israeli’s I do not want to dwell on these cancellations, because after all, life does go on.  Plus, after discussing the matter with my brother he brought up a very valid point.  The Pixies?  Elvis Costello?  Who cares about them?  Rihanna and Metallica have recently performed, and Elton John and Rod Stewart are still scheduled to.  Now those are performers I would actually pay some shekels to see!

Speaking of paying shekels and seeing shows check out this YouTube video that captured some of the scene at the Indigo Music Festival held during a past May 2010 weekend in northern Israel.  Pretty awesome.

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