Food Bank (Ani ohevette li ochellete salat!)

Today was probably one of the most interesting and rewarding days I have ever lived through. It mainly revolved around something everyone in this world knows about and loves, food. Our group was divided into three subgroups. We had a full day, and in it we had some free time, time to grocery shop, and time to volunteer our time at a food bank.

My group had the pleasure of being able to have free time first. My roommates and I hung out in our room, sat around and talked. We should have more thoroughly unpacked but to have the time to just sit on a bed and do nothing is something I have come to find I will truly value during these next ten months.

Afterwards we made our way to the food bank. As the second group that went it was our duty to pack cars up with food and then go into the cars and drop the food off to needy families around Ashquelon. Somehow I ended up in the car that had 30 boxes of food to drop off (most had 2-5 boxes). Another boy on the trip and I volunteered at least an hour longer than planned but it truly turned into a great experience for me. While he was on the back of the truck with the food boxes I was sitting in the front with two Israelis who spoke no English. We dropped food off to different people and I found I was getting a lot of use out of my arm muscles. One box I actually had to carry up 4 flights of stairs, but I was rewarded in the end with a refreshing glass of melon juice from the very thankful Ethiopian woman.

While I was half stressing/half trying to really savor the moment I was put in my roommate Ariel was doing her own Mitzvah over at the grocery store. Since we were late at the food bank, she then had to all of a sudden be grocery shopping for three of us. But I have to say I am so thankful because she did a perfect job!

After the boy and I finished dropping off food we had a member of the food bank drive us to the grocery store. It is fortunate that Israeli’s eat extremely healthy, so though I may not always understand the packaging and ingredients I can be rest assured the food will be good for me.

When we got home from the grocery store we held a potluck dinner and my roommates and I had the duty of cooking up a pasta dish. We made pasta with pesto sauce and sautéed tomatoes and onions. Here is a picture of my roommates and I cooking it up (safe to say it was the hit of the potluck)

The next day we went on a bus around Ashquelon to meet with different people for volunteer opportunities. I had my first falafel there and it was extremely tasty. By the way the hummus is INCREDIBLE here. Moving on, I have some ideas of what I want to do for volunteer work but I’ll update you more on that when I actually know what it is I’ll be doing.

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