Shabbat Resting

Nothing really new has been happening since I last posted. Aside from volunteering at the thrift store I had a full week of Ulpan classes, I restocked my kitchen with yummy and healthy eats, and I got little sleep and a lot of smiles when I watched the Yankees win their first two postseason games. On Thursday night a friend from elementary school visited. We have two mutual friends who are also on my program and he was in Ashqelon for another event so he decided to stay the night and visit with the three of us. He recently made Aliyah here and will be joining the army in a few weeks. It was nice to visit and talk about the old old days. (People who are 30+ don’t cringe when you read that last sentence, elementary school was a long time ago for me – or at least it feels that way!)

Another friend from USY recently messaged me on facebook and told me he will be studying at the University of Haifa for the year. I was really excited to have someone else I know in Israel that I can visit and reconnect with. I had to laugh though because in the states he goes to a school right outside of NYC so in reality we were closer when we were home than we are now. But we never connected then to meet up. I told him this and he said, “But Lauren, we are both in Israel right now and that makes it so different.” And you know what? He is so right.

Speaking of reconnecting, my good friend Miriam from my cross-country trip in high school, is coming to Israel on Wednesday and staying for just as long as I am! Ariel and I are going to Tel Aviv on Thursday to meet and hang out with her for the night. I am so excited! [Mirms – this is the first beautiful scene of our lifelong adventure together. Next stop? Anthro-style apartment in NYC].

I apologize for this entry being so short but I have a long few days ahead of me and little time to do much else! I am going to be studying for the rest of the day, and then my alarm is set for 2:00 a.m. again to hopefully watch the Yanks complete the first round of the playoffs. Tomorrow I have Ulpan for only a few hours and then I have to take a ride around Ashqelon to learn about my other volunteering adventure: creating a Chanukah newsletter for the Ashqelon Foundation. This entails me visiting eight different clubs varying from different underprivileged families, those with learning disabilities, and gifted students who have received scholarships, etc. It should be very interesting and I can’t wait to learn and write more about it! I hope everyone has a lovely Saturday and enjoy the image presented below:


One thought on “Shabbat Resting

  1. Love the new look of your blog!! Went to shul with Becca this a.m….another friend’s Bar Mitzvah. She just called from the party to tell me to bring her camera when I pick her up…Mr. Met is there!!! Her friend Jonathan is a BIG Met fan…..yes there are some here in the tri-state area! It is a beautiful fall day, went for a LONG walk before! Tomorrow, my friend Maris and I are going to do the walk path across the Sikorsky bridge!!! That was the scariest bridge when we were in college….honestly, I think it used to sway!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Love hearing about your adventures! PS, is Miriam your friend from Queens???

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