Out of Order

I am going to go a little out of order but hopefully will be all caught up to date by the end of tonight. I haven’t yet uploaded my pictures from my education seminar day on Monday so until those are on the computer I will instead tell you all about the wonderful day I had yesterday (Tuesday!).

Due to my exhaustion I have decided not to watch every Yankee game in the moadon, and instead have found another, yet just as wonderful, solution. I wake up at the beginning of the game (2:00 a.m. to be exact), and stream the game through the internet. This way I can listen to the lovely voices of Susan Waldman and John Sterling in a dark room while relaxing. Well, ok, given how the Yankees have been playing recently I don’t know if “relaxing” is the proper word to use here. But regardless, listening to a baseball game on the radio is such a nice activity. Tonight I am fortunate to have the game start here at 10:00 p.m. so that works out well for me to watch it in the moadon. I can only hope this won’t be the last of the baseball games I watch in Israel until March, but I guess only time will tell.

Yesterday I woke up and went to Ulpan per usual. I then brought a friend who hasn’t been feeling well to the doctor and then hospital to run some tests. I loved being in the hospital because I thought it was a great way to get to know Israeli culture at one of its most realist times. Unfortunately much like how hospitals work in America, there was a lot of waiting to be had. But eventually we made it back to our apartment and I was able to make some dinner.

After I ate I went to the second lecture on Jewish Leadership. More specifically, our teacher talks about Jewish Leaders, both Biblical and even more present ones, and how it can relate to us. The first lecture was hard for me because I really don’t remember/know how much I even learned about Biblical figures such as Moses, Aaron, Isaac, etc. etc. I just want to note here that Hebrew is the only language in which you can go back in time and be able to actually have a discussion with a Biblical figure. Should this ever occur maybe I can flirt a little with Abraham.

I have to admit, the older I get the more I realized I am interested in learning this material. I think it is because I can take the characteristics of these ancient people and relate them to how we act today. Here’s a funny/interesting one: In the Torah when it says “people were dancing and being merry around the idols” it really meant they were having sex.

Yesterdays discussion focused on “Aaron as leader.” We talked about how he took over when Moses was on the mount conversing with G-d and not below leading his people. Aaron decided to give the people something tangible to worship, aka a golden calf. Moses was upset by this and felt that Aaron had taken the easy way out and, to a point, betrayed his people.

That was an extremely shortened version of a topic that could be studied for years on end. But I think you get the picture. We discussed how in today’s world there is a time and place for certain qualities of leadership. Sometimes we need someone who will take charge and there will be no bullshit, it is as it is [Moses]. But other times we need someone who is a bit softer, and a little more merciful [Aaron].

Today is the memorial day for Yitzhak Rabin. He was one of the greatest politicians to ever serve for Israel and was the Prime Minister until he was unfortunately assassinated in 1995. Recently at the Knesset (Israel’s Parliament) a woman working there brought up the idea of replacing the picture of Yitzhak Rabin with a picture of Ben Gurion. Of course this caused a frenzy, and some disagree with this woman, while others agree. I ask, why not hang up both pictures? But that is beside the point. The point I am trying to make right now is that even thousands and thousands of years later we are still disputing over who was the better leader. Ben Gurion who was more of a Moses, or Yitzhak Rabin who was more of an Aaron?

I think whether you choose to believe the stories in the Torah or not, it is important to look at the story the way you want to and take the lesson that can be learned from it. Before attending this class I kind of dreaded going just because I have little knowledge on the subject, and other Otzmanikim are very knowledgeable. But I also know that it is important for me to go so I can become more understanding of the story and how I can take these lessons and apply them to my own life. And who knows, maybe one day be an actual Jewish leader!


3 thoughts on “Out of Order

  1. Just one question…..are you kidding re: the “lovely” voices of John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman??? They are like fingernails on a chalkboard!!! Well, now the series is 3-2…..at least my friend Patti got to see a good game!
    Love, Aunt Julie

  2. My friend Patti never got to THAT game….she was sick! Said she would go to another…GUESS NOT! Well, no more SUZYN for awhile!!

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