Family Club Photos

So Sunday marks the last day I’ll be volunteering at the family club. I am so upset to leave these children but also so fortunate that I was able to experience everything that I did with them. I will never forget the times I’ve had with all of the lovely people there and I hope […]

The Peaceful Life

Hello World! I have some unfortunate news to share. My camera broke! I have no clue how, I jut went to go turn it on yesterday and it decided not to work anymore. A friend told me she had the same camera once and it did the same thing to her. I asked her what […]

Life Decisions

We unfortunately did not have an education seminar this week. I really enjoy them so I was pretty disappointed about it, but even still it’s been a good week so far. This past Thursday Ariel and I went to the grocery store and shuk to stock up on some yummy eats. We didn’t spot any, […]