A More Personal Level

So I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing, but I have been feeling like my entries lately are very informative and just not very personal. I think it’d be nice to take a step back from that for a second and write a more ‘my everyday-lifestyle’ blog post. I want to include some pictures to make it really personal. Ooh la la! So the first photo is of my Ulpan class — Keetah (Class in Hebrew) Alef (Level 1). The women in the back left is our teacher, Miri.

The next photo is also on the educational line, it’s from our education seminar this past Monday. I know I already included a picture of our amazing poster, but here is one of us all presenting:

Next stop, Halloween! When Ariel and I came home from Haifa we walked into our room and the party had already begun in there. So we threw our outfits together in 5 minutes. My roommates and I are standing in order of the four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall — all you have to do is call: My lovely mom mailed me Halloween decorations which helped with my desire for fall.

On October 20 we all wore purple to support LGBT’s. Recently there have been way too many people committing suicide over this matter. In some cases they have been harassed and hurt to to far of extremes. This is not Ok, and like many other human rights issues, these things need to come to an end. “Peace is not something you wish for; It’s something you make, Something you do, Something you are, And something you give away.” – Robert Fulghum. Here us Otzmanikim are representing peace for LGBT’s. I just wish it could have done more.

I can’t believe it is already November 5! Where has the time gone to? I feel like I’ve been here for forever, but at the same time, I can’t believe I still have eight more months to go. Currently, the thing I am craving the most is a hazelnut latte from Starbucks. I don’t care if it’s some major corporation, I fell into their beautiful coffee trap and I am proud to admit it. Starbucks I miss you!!

I have been watching movies on my computer more recently – Sex and the City 2, The Switch, and Leap Year. They were all cute and had scenes filmed in America which was comforting. I don’t even really realize how far I am from home, I just kind of think it’s only 12/13 hours since that is how long the flight is back. However, when I was watching these movies I was feeling really quite far from home. In Europe I didn’t get the vibe of how luxurious the American lifestyle can be, but in Israel I can realize why so many people think we have it made there. To be honest, we kind of do. But I can justify this opinion now and when I go back to the states I’ll be able to appreciate my days there even more.

My volunteer work has been both fantastic and tiring. On Sunday I volunteered at the family club with Vanessa and Ariel, we had a great time as always. We were helping the caretaker with writing some letters and things to get donations sent to this family club. She proceeded to tell us how just a few months ago she was praying to G-d on getting help and goods for these children. She then looked us in the eyes and gave us hugs saying that she thinks G-d sent us. It was an absolutely incredible moment. Sometimes people think that they can’t do anything to help because they are just one person. But you can help — even if you are only helping one person, that is still a human living a life that needs help and you made it better for them.

On Tuesday Lindsay and I worked at the thrift store. We got a huge shipment of clothes and we had to bring the boxes downstairs which was quite hard given I wasn’t really wearing the best shoes. But we got it done and the new clothes are really fashionable which will be great for these kids. Next week the store will be open, I am looking forward to helping the shoppers. I miss shopping!!

On Wednesday I went by myself to another family club in Ashqelon. I am starting to write articles for the Ashqelon Foundation newsletter and I needed to compare this family club to the one I always go to. It was a good experience, but very tiring. The children were quite rambunxious to say the least.

Yesterday was a nice relaxing day of Ulpan, going to the grocery store for some food, making our way next door to the shuk for fruits and veggies and then coming back and doing our laundry. Such a domesticated day! After that Ariel and I went and did some Hebrew homework at a coffee shop which is always a great time. Then I came home and just relaxed. Now I am up early to write some articles for this newsletter. I wanted to write a blog entry first to get into the writing zone. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend — TGIF!!


4 thoughts on “A More Personal Level

  1. Your comment about the caretaker has found its way through our entire family! Remember the Rabbi at Becca’s Bat Mitzvah said “to the world you may only be 1 person, but to 1 person you can be the world.” Well I borrowed that line and used it to describe Todd and Alyssa’s relationship in my Best Man speech and now you just experienced a moment where the quote came to life. Pretty cool stuff.

    • Mark you are so right. I think what we are finding with Lauren in Israel is that the world is small, there are no coincidences – little did we know how appropriate that line by the rabbi would be. Even Lauren’s comment about supporting LGBT and how she wished she could have done more – well Laur you are only one person but you are already making a difference. I’m so proud of you!

  2. That truly is a very special quote. Rebecca is now volunteering on Wed afternoon’s with a 5 year old girl that has Rett Syndrome. On that day, for Zoe, Becca is the “world”. It is amazing, just one person doing one nice thing can really make a huge difference. And Lauren, I love your “Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall…all you’ve got to do is call”…..funny how some songs are timeless!!
    Love, Aunt Julie

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