Tzfat: Chapter 4?

We had the option of checking our computers in to the OTZMA office for the month of December and because of all the running around I’d be doing in Israel I decided that was the best option. It has been so nice not having the internet, a nice little break from it. The one downfall though is that I am having trouble staying on top of my blog! My friends have taken so many amazing photos that I want to share with you but it is hard when I am typing on the Livnot computer.

Today is Monday, so I have been in Tzfat for a week plus one day now. I wrote up some blog entries the other day on Whitneys computer, but since I am not on it now I unfortunately don’t have the material. I will write about my adventures from yesterday and today, and then we’ll do a little rewind, fast-forward, rewind, present, past, future, all beautiful moments action.

It has been pouring, pouring, pouring here in northern Israel. This is lovely news considering we were just in a drought! Yesterday we were supposed to go hiking in caves, but that got pushed to tomorrow due to the rain. Instead we made our way to a little town called Nov, where our tour guide lives. His house was beautiful, wooden stairs, stained glass windows, very rustic/woodsy feeling. When we walked inside he had a coal fire burning and it was the first time I’ve really felt warm since being up here.

Soon we sat down on his couches and chairs and he shared stories with us about himself. They led into the idea of fear, and how it is important to confront your fear because then you will get over it. Ever since I’ve come to Israel my fear of animals has somehow gone away. Maybe it’s because cats are like squirrels here, or maybe it’s because I know I eventually would like to have a dog I can run and cuddle with when I am older and in which case I need to get over my irrational fear asap. Either way, yesterday I held two snakes. One was a little guy, and he just crawled up and down my arms. But the other was a massive man, and I actually held him around my neck! Some of us were freaking out, and we were saying how little bits of adrenaline were rushing through us. Others were like, “Pshh i’ve held many snakes in the past, no big deal.” Either way we were all supporting one another, taking photos, cheering each other on, clapping and smiling when we were solo-holding the creepy crawlers.

After learning and confronting fear, we ate some lunch. Then we made our way to a winery. It was so nice tasting wine, seeing how it was made, where it was made, and learning fun facts about the delicacy of a drink. My OTZMA madreecheem just walked in and brought me a lot of mail and a special package from Mark and Megan! This is my time to say goodbye to you all so I can go open these fun things. Hopefully I can write more soon. Love to all of you.

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