Tzfat: Chapter 5

At 2:30 a.m. we woke up and got on a bus to hike Sartaba. This is a mountain in the
desert where the Hazmaneans [The descendants of the Maccabees] built their living quarters. It was also used as one of the signal points for the start of the new month. This was a particular appropriate mountain to hike because it was during Channukah time. We arrived there around 5:30 and ate a little bit of breakfast for energy. At moments during the hike we would take a “Shabbat moment” and instead of just looking at our feet and the view ahead we would look around at the view around us. It was especially beautiful when the sun was rising. Toward the top of the mountain it became a bit of a challenge because it was hard to grip and there was no clear path up. A few people were terrified, I just tried not to look down below.

We eventually made our way to the top and had some learning and discussion time. Then we walked back down the mountain. I ripped my pants on a rock at one point which was pretty exciting. After we made it to the bottom we got back on the bus and drove for about an hour. Then we stopped in Be’et Shaan where we had a picnic lunch by the pond. It was really cute and delightful. After that we drove back and slept for a. long. time.

After waking up we cooked and ate a delicious dinner. Then we celebrated the last night
of Channukah by dancing and singing around with everyone. Jeff and I have our ‘traditional’ dance that we do every time we play or make our own music.

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