Love Actually Reunion

It is 8:30 in the morning here in Israel and I am currently sitting at the airport, drinking a cinnamon cafe afook, waiting for my parents and brother to arrive in Israel. Yesterday I left Tzfat which was pretty upsetting. My two week experience there was unreal, it felt like I got to see a glimpse of what heaven is like. During the closing ceremonies we all gave a few words and many of us said how words can’t even capture the experience we all just shared in together. Some of us cried, we all smiled, and at the end I broke my toe in the midst of all of our crazy dancing and singing. At least I had fun while it broke right???

I am now sitting in the arrival area, typing here on my iPod, thinking how fortunate I am to have such an incredible experience end and get to have a new one begin. Not only do I get to see my family but I get to be with them during their first time in Israel. I am going to go wait now. I want to prepare myself for all the hugs, kisses, and love I am about to embark on.

3 thoughts on “Love Actually Reunion

  1. How was the reunion?? Sorry to hear about your toe…bummer! We are waiting for the first snowfall of the season…..ugh! Love to all!!!

  2. Thanks for the bilingual Happy Birthday song from all of you!!! I can’t even imagine the experience you all are having. Can’t wait to hear about it. Love you!!!

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