The Beginning of My Rehovot Life

Tomorrow is Tuesday and that will mean I will have officially been living in Rehovot for a week. If this past week measures up to the next four months then I am more than sure I’ll have a great four months ahead of me. Today we started our volunteering which I was very much looking forward to doing. If a few months ago someone put this apartment in front of my face and said, “go live there for five days and do nothing else but what you want” then I would have been in heaven. But since I am more of a type-A personality and just had an amazing, relaxing, and rejuvenating two-week vacation I was more than anxious to get started. I wanted to fall into a routine and after today I finally feel like my busy, super fast self.

This morning Amir and I made our way to a mainly Ethiopian school to meet with the principal who told us we would be there Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. She first gave us a little bit of a background on the school saying there are 154 students and about 15-20 per class. She said we’ll be teaching English, playing and coaching sports, and having fun with arts and crafts. After a little bit more of a getting-to-know-each-other discussion we were told we were done for the day.

Since I was in the “I want to feel accomplished” mood I headed to the coffee shop Cup o’ Joe to study Hebrew. This was my first study session in too long of a time but boy did it feel good. I am looking forward to incorporating studying time into my days once I become more familiar with my volunteer schedule. While I was studying I was startled when Amir popped by to tell me that as he was walking out of our building and my roommates were walking in they all spotted a queen size mattress that someone had just left to throw out. He was excited to tell me I was about to have a queen size bed ! Our bed situation wasn’t the greatest in the world, we were given a ‘couch’ with a trundle underneath for two people. The mattresses were super-thin and super-hard and none of my roommates were pleased. We all chipped in and got Jen a real mattress and I decided I would take the couch/bed contraption. I didn’t mind, after all I had slept on an air mattress on the floor for one summer. But when Amir came in to tell me I now had a queen size bed given to me free of charge I came to the conclusion that karma and I are in a very good relationship right now. And here is now the first photo of my new apartment, my bed!

The only downer afterwards was that the reason I went to Cup O’ Joe was because I have a stamp-card there where after ten coffees I can get one free. Unfortunately I forgot to give them my card, ugh! The good news is that it’s right down the road from my apartment so I am more than sure I’ll get it filled eventually.

Ok, back to better news! When I arrived home from my cute little study session I was greeted by Jen who told me all about her day volunteering. Her, Amir, and I all had talked about the idea of buying bikes but decided we would like to see where our volunteering was in comparison to our apartments first. Since we’re all close enough we decided it’d be a great idea to purchase a bike. And to make it even better, since Otzma decided to buy us a bus pass we asked if instead they could buy us a bike. We had to pay for the helmet and locks ourselves but pretty good deal huh?! Off to the bike shop we went and the black and red one is my brand new bike parked inside my apartment right next to our piano.

After we got home I got right to work in setting up my new bed and we all worked on moving furniture around. There are some paintings that still need to be hung but aside from that our apartment has really come together and is feeling like home. Onward now, the pictures of my new place!

Let’s begin with our kitchen and family room area:

Now we’re walking down the hallway and into Amir and Jen’s toilet room and now into their shower room because I know you are SO very interested in seeing it As we continue to walk down the hallway we see Jens room on our left

Amirs room is very similar to Jens, only he also has a balcony (lucky man). Now onto one of my favorite rooms in the house, mine and Beccas! Also below is our closet and bathroom

So there you have it folks! My brand new living space. What is most exciting is now I have a ton of new atmospheres to blog and be inspired in. I am headed to bed, tomorrow is round two of orientation for volunteering. Then Wednesday I get to start the real deal and I couldn’t be more excited. Laila tov everyone !


3 thoughts on “The Beginning of My Rehovot Life

  1. LOVE the new place! It looks great! Sounds like you are enjoying this new piece of your program. I’m also SO interested and excited to hear how your experience goes at the school. Please keep me updated on how different/similar things are to the American school system. How old are the kids you’re teaching and coaching? I’ve always wanted to teach overseas, so I’ll do it through you!

    Megan 🙂

  2. I love the pictures on your bedroom wall of all your friends and family – and the save the date postcard and the one of you and Dad dancing. So cute! A taste of home in your room – so great. The apartment looks amazing!!!

  3. Love your new apartment!!! Everything looks so clean and inviting! That’s great re: your new bike….great exercise! I noticed your pictures from Becca’s Bat Mitzvah! Did you ever get the snail mail pics I sent you??? Love you!

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