Michael Jackson: Heal the World

Last year I came up with, what I think, was a brilliant idea for my college roommates and I. I told them that over winter break to compile together some of their home videos, and when we got bored or were feeling lazy around the house, we could watch videos of each other when we […]

Jewish Geography

On Monday morning some of us OTZMAnikim made our way into Jerusalem for the day to gain an insider perspective into the Jewish world. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Lauren, the Jewish world? You are in the Jewish world! For one, you are Jewish. And for two, you’re in Israel for crying out loud!” […]

Conflict & Hope: Day 4, Speaker 3

After a lot of sightseeing we headed back to the Judean Youth Hostel where we sat still and listened to our final speaker for the day. He is a Christian, Israeli-Palestinian citizen born in Lod, Israel. He is very involved in the reconciliation and bridging between Israelies and Palestinians. He does not fall on a […]