Entry hand written on Sunday, February 6: It’s 8:30 in the morning and I’m making my way back to Rehovot. What a fantastic weekend I just had!

When I arrived in Haifa on Thursday I was greeted with some warm embraces. Ariel and Vanessa cleaned their room and made sure to have extra tofu in the fridge. They are so unbelievably caring. For dinner we cooked a delicious tofu-veggie-whole wheat pasta dish: We had some red wine with it and before we sipped I cheered, “To the first of many delicious dinners we’ll cook and share together.”

After dinner we caught up some more and Ariel and I then booked our flight for April vacation. We are officially headed to Croatia and Vienna!!! Rumor has it that Croatia has the bluest water on Earth and I certainly can not wait to see if this holds true. I am so excited to return to Europe and am already looking forward to blogging about the experience.

The next morning we woke up and cooked another delicious meal of scrambled eggs with veggies and toast. Of course some ketchup was on the side. Then Ariel, Eli, and I went to the Grand Canyon Mall. Although it was not as big as the actual Grand Canyon in Arizona, it was the biggest mall I’ve been to in Israel. Being there was the perfect way to spend a rainy day.

After some shopping we headed back and relaxed. Then Ariel and I went out to dinner. We went to Fattoush where I had dinner with my family when they were in Haifa. I love any opportunity to go back to places that I first discovered with my family because it helps me feel closer to them. I remember being jealous of my brothers salad because it had some very yummy croutons on it and I had ordered a different meal. This time around I ordered the salad along with some steaming hot lentil soup. About three hours after enjoying our food and getting lost in conversation, Ariel and I headed back to her place for the evening.

The next morning Vanessa and I went out for a coffee/hot chocolate date. It was so great to sit for a few hours, catch up, and completely lose track of time.

To continue the Shabbat relaxing the three of us decided to make homemade sushi. It was my first attempt and it definitely won’t be my last. What a satisfaction it was to finally eat dinner later. First we had to boil some rice and make the sauce for it. Then the rice and sauce sat in a pan together to mix and get the flavors soaking in.

After we put the rice in the fridge to let it cool and soak in some more. Then we got to chopping. I started with the cucumbers: and Ariel cut up the tofu: We also cut up some avocado to put into the rolls.

While we waited for the tofu to finish cooking Ariel started to steam up some artichokes for an appetizer. After about two to three hours of preparation we had all the ingredients ready to roll together!

But before we rolled we had to put all the ingredients on a dry roasted seaweed. Unfortunately I can’t eat avocado but here is the inside of mine before it was rolled:

And here it is after it was rolled and I used the knife for some cutting:

Once we had finished all the preparing we set the table. Included in this setting was also two dips Ariel concocted together for the artichokes – a yogurt garlic sauce and a butter garlic sauce (yum) and of course, some sex and the city being played on Ariel’s laptop.

What a fantastic and fun meal this was!

Around 7:15 I planned to head home to Rehovot. As I was sitting on Ariel’s bed I looked around the room and realized I wasn’t quite ready to leave my friends yet. I felt like a little girl when her parents drop her off to pre-school and she doesn’t want them to leave. Except instead of the parents who don’t stay, I did.

A few hours ago I woke up, said goodbye to Vanessa as she had somewhere to be, and had a nice morning coffee date with Ariel at the train station. Supposedly this is where the secret spot is in Israel for big to-go coffee cups for a cheap price.

Now I am sitting here on the train writing in my journal. The train is so relaxing – filled with travelers, commuters, and soldiers heading back to their bases. It is also filled with newspapers and inside todays is an article on the superbowl.


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