Lauren and the Israel

This morning I woke up, made some breakfast, and finished season five of Sex and the City. Let me fill you in on a little secret — last night I started season five of Sex and the City. Granted, there are only eight episodes, each being around 25 minutes long. I had nothing to do last night Ok?! Anyway, I realized this morning just how much Sex and the City I had been watching when I went to the grocery store.

The grocery store that I go to happens to be inside a mall. I know that’s bizarre, but hey, Israel can be a bizarre place. Instead of just heading straight to the grocery store I decided to stop into one of my favorite stores, Zara. I like going in here because it reminds me of London where I first learned about the store, and it also now reminds me of the States.

Currently Zara is having one hell of a sale. I realized as I was browsing around that all of the winter stuff is super cheap (i.e. knitted sweaters around $10.00!) due to the fact that winter is almost over here in Israel. However, winter is not almost over in the States. This made me realize that for a girl who likes to shop, the best time to visit Israel is now. You can get all of their winter stuff for cheap, and still go back to the States and wear it for a few months. Now Lonely Planet, how’s that for a travel tip?!

It wasn’t until I came across a leopard dress that I realized my thoughts were sounding very similar to Carrie’s from Sex and the City [Sarah Jessica Parker plays her for those of you don’t watch the show]. I [Lauren] always found anything leopard to be kind of sleezy, thus I’ve never purchased anything leopard. But as I was looking at the dress, I [now thinking like Carrie] thought to myself, “Every girl needs something leopard.”

As I was looking in the accessories department I glanced over at the cashier who was really stressing out. Not only is it probably the biggest sale of the year for Zara in Israel, but she’s in Israel, surrounded by Jews who have lots of questions regarding sales! When I interned in New York, I would often browse around the Zara nearby. No matter if there was a sale or not, this store was always crowded. I looked at the Israeli cashier and thought to myself, “Honey, this ain’t nothing compared to the stores in New York.” Since when do I refer to someone as honey? And since when do I have thoughts as though I know New York city so well? Since I’ve been watching a bit too much Sex and the City, that’s when.

As I was waiting in line I noticed the woman two people in front of me looked just like the real Carrie from behind (I never actually saw her face, I didn’t want to ruin the fact of how much she was Carrie’s twin from behind]. She was skinny, she was stylish, and she had a short blonde curly bob. I wanted to so badly take a picture of her, but due to how crowded it was, I didn’t want to look like the weirdo with the camera. Since I couldn’t get a picture, here is the real Carrie and we can just pretend it was this Israeli woman.

I’m not going to get “Carried away” with my thinking like Carrie moments here, so I’ll just share one more with you. Let’s not kid ourselves, I don’t want to admit how much a TV character has influenced my way of thinking. I was in the grocery store checking out oatmeal. Lately I’ve been really getting into oatmeal. I buy the whole rolled oats, and I recently discovered that it’s healthy to mix some oat bran in there. As I was browsing the Hebrew labels trying to figure out which one was best I checked out who was around me. Here I am, 22, and worried about what kind of oat bran is going into my oatmeal every morning. And to my left and right are people 75+ who are probably a bit more worried about oat bran due to the fact that they really need to lower their cholesterol. “Do we need to be worried about what kind of oat bran we buy for our oatmeal only if the doctor informs us we need to lower our cholesterol?”

To finish this Carrie post I want to add that, just like Carrie, I am now home, typing away on my mac, writing about my morning. Oh Jeez Louise. Or should I say, Oh Jeez Carrie. Now, onto the 6th and final season!


2 thoughts on “Lauren and the Israel

  1. OMG your writing is so creative and this one just made me laugh and realize how “carrie” like you really are. And the comments about oatmeal???? HAHA!!! This entry brought a smile to my face – thanks!

  2. I am not a HUGE SITC fan, but you really made some great connections! Very entertaining! Hope you are well!
    Love, Aunt Julie

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