More Updates on the Revolutions

I have been trying to get all the news I can regarding the revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East. Upon reading, I came across a text in an article on The Jerusalem Post’s website that I found to be very interesting.

“The PA picked a fight with America just after the Obama administration forced Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to surrender power. Mubarak’s departure was a strategic victory for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and for its sister branch Hamas in Gaza. As part of his efforts to neutralize the threat the Muslim Brotherhood posed to his regime, Mubarak sealed off Gaza’s border with Egypt after Hamas seized power there in June 2007. The Gaza-Sinai border was breached during last month’s revolution. Since Mubarak’s forced resignation, the military junta now leading Egypt has failed to reseal it.”

I found by reading this that it just goes to show that although times have been ‘quiet’ in Israel, that’s because of the security Israelis have created surrounding their country. Whether it be in the Gaza Strip, the concrete walls around the West Bank, barbed wire walls, or random moving security tolls in between, Israel is doing an incredible job at protecting itself. I think the rest of the World tends to forget how not just a few years ago suicide bombers were walking onto Israeli city buses and in cafes, willing to take their own lives in hopes of killing human beings that they don’t like. We can only hope that that will never happen again. But just because nothing has happened for awhile, doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who still want it.

Recently a rocket was launched into Beer Sheba, an Israeli city in the Negev. Fortunately there were no casualties, however, some land and buildings were destroyed. Where did this rocket come from? Gaza. Now that Egypt has breached the Gaza-Sinai border that area allows for better weaponry and tools to create missiles and such to be imported. The rockets are proof that people surrounding Israel still hate Israel very much the same.

Recently someone I talked to said their non-Jewish boyfriend will not visit her in Israel because he is afraid. It’s hard from here to tell, but has the American media made it seem like people here are very panicked and it is not a safe place to come to? Yes, a lot is going on right around me, but within Israel you may have no idea what is going on at all if you choose to turn your head another way. Life has always gone on for Israelis, and it will still continue to. The anticipation of what may come is a horrifying thing, but let’s just hope that Israel continues to protect itself, and not just physically, but emotionally as well.

Photos by Vanessa Friedman


2 thoughts on “More Updates on the Revolutions

  1. Hallo Lauren, thanks for the post. These are delicate times for the Middle East and the world at large. I honestly hope that in the end common sense prevails and peace finally reigns in the Middle East some day.

  2. Laur – another great entry. I would not say the media is saying things that make it seem that Israel is unsafe – or that things have changed there. But unfortunately many americans when they hear “middle east” they think of Israel so when they hear of unrest in the middle east they assume it is affecting Israel. I can’t tell you how many people have asked me about your safety since all the events have taken place in Egypt and Libya. I tell them you are not in harm’s way and you continue to be safe. Unfortunately if you have never been there it’s hard to understand that unrest in the region doesn’t necessarily translate to unrest in Israel.

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