Mother Nature & Humans

This past weekend two acts of terror occurred that I want to focus on. One of them us humans can not control. That is when Mother Nature takes over and shows us that as powerful as we may think we are, there is something out there that is even more powerful. An 8.9 magnitude earthquake which resulted in a tsunami occurred in Japan, and currently “marks the ‘toughest and most difficult crisis for Japan’ since the end of World War II, Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan said Sunday.” So far 1,353 people have died, and over 1,000 are missing. The good news is more than 450,000 have been evacuated.

As far as human terror goes there have been threats of the tsunami hitting nuclear power plants which would erupt into a whole different scale of damage to the country. Already one explosion has occurred. This poses a threat of sending dangerously high radiation levels in the atmosphere which could result in damage to people’s organ tissues, genetic damage, nausea, vomiting, and hair loss. People also are more likely way of getting cancer and tumors, and if severely exposed, they may die. This is yet another reason why the creation of nuclear weaponry is so scary. Is it needed?

Some may think so because in other news, Mother Nature wasn’t a part of this human terrifying act. In Itamar, Israel (a settlement in the West Bank) a family of five was killed on Friday by acts of terrorism. Udi, Ruth, Elad, Yoav and Hadas Fogel may you rest in peace. At the funeral this Sunday afternoon 20,000 people came together to lay the family to rest. Let’s all now come together and think about those who are no longer with us, and hope that from here on out things start looking up.


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