MASA Building Future Leadership: Introduction

This past week I made my way to Jerusalem to attend a week-long education seminar through MASA. It was entitled “Building Future Leadership Program” and is for those of us who are currently spending time in Israel through a MASA-based program (OTZMA is just this). MASA is the umbrella organization of tons of different Israel programs for people from all over the world. Every year there are 10,000 participants through MASA. At this week-long seminar there were 500 of us.

As described in the MASA booklet, “The Intensive Building Future Leadership Program will give you the tools to channel your Israel experience by inspiring change, educating others, and launching your own creative initiatives in your communities back home. This week, get ready to join together with your Jewish peers from all over the world for discussions and workshops, brainstorming sessions and more.” Throughout the week I had plenty of discussions, many hours of training, and I was able to meet and hear from different social activists and community leaders.

A LOT occurred this past week and I’d like to write each blog entry focusing on one day at a time. To conclude this introduction, I want to share something with you about how I felt during my time spent at the seminar (and to get you excited to read what I have to say in near future blog entries). At the end of the introduction page of the MASA booklet we were given it writes, “Get ready to be inspired, to think seriously about the kind of impact you want to make, and to realize that your dreams are well within your reach.” Well, this program did what it said, and gave me the opportunity to help walk me further down that exact path.


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