Purim = My Favorite Holiday

If a few weeks ago someone were to have asked me, “Hey Lauren. What’s your favorite holiday?” I would have probably either said, “No clue.” Or, I would have lied and said Thanksgiving. Now don’t get me wrong, Thanksgiving is great! Nothing like getting together with your loved ones, watching football, and eating tasty food all day. But whoa, let me tell you something, Purim is completely underrated.

The history of the holiday, in a mere few sentences, takes us back to the fifth century in the ancient Persian Empire. Haman (A BC Noble) tried to kill all the Jews. Through the wit of Esther and others, this holiday commemorates when the Jews were rescued. Today, we’re all still alive and celebrating.

The tradition of Purim is to dress up, much like Halloween. The difference though is you don’t just dress up for one day, or at one party; but rather, all day every day, for a week or longer. Picture me this past week shopping at the grocery store, turning to my right, and seeing a princess. Or waiting for the bus, looking ahead, and seeing Albert Einstein. Ladies and gentleman, this is Purim.

At one of the schools I volunteer at they had a different theme every day. One of the days I was there it was ‘Dress like the opposite sex’ day. On St. Patrick’s day the theme was, ‘Dress in green day’ due to the fact that us Jews don’t celebrate the Irish holiday. I found this to be creative and hilarious.

Whitney and I thought it’d be a fun idea to head to Jerusalem to really celebrate the holiday. That may have been one of the best ideas we’ve ever had! It was such a fun day; Walking around:
Seeing everyone dressed up: Listening and dancing to musicians: Getting our faces painted: Seeing people act:
And just being with others who were dressed up, walking around, and acting in character:

Everyone was out and about with a smile on their face and it was an absolutely lovely day. I can’t wait until next year when I bring the Purim celebrations back to the states. Get ready for a fun party everyone!!


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