Our Croatian Vacation: Day 1

Hello Blog! Oh, how I’ve missed you. Although my fingers have not been typing a lot recently, they will be tired soon because I have a lot to catch up on. I am now sitting at Ariel’s aunt and uncles having just arrived back in the Holy Land less than 24 hours ago. This past week Ariel and I made our way to the country of Croatia. We landed in the capital, Zagreb and then made our way down to the Dalmation Coast to visit Split. Off Split we went to an island for a few days called Hvar. From there we went back to Split and then took an overnight train to Zagreb where we explored for the day. We then went to Vienna, Austria, a city that I was absolutely blown away with. My next few blog entries will be detailing all the beauty that we explored this past week.

Last Thursday Ariel and I woke up at 2:15 a.m. to make our way to Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv. A few hours later we were up in the air on our way to begin our Croatian Vacation. We lucked out and had three seats to just the two of us. This was a positive because we could sleep, but also because the people both sitting in front of and in back of me for some reason thought that my space was also theirs. When we got breakfast the man sitting in front of me dropped his tray of food below his seat and it landed perfectly in my area.

Just about thirty minutes later the woman sitting behind me thought that she had a little bit more leg room for both her feet and her newspaper than she actually had.

So this is what the space below my seat looked like for the majority of my flight:

Fortunately I had a whole other seat to put my feet up on.

I have come to learn that this is the Israeli way. I never got an, “I’m sorry I dropped my food and it landed in your area.” I wasn’t angered at all though, this is the “life is too short to not do what I want” mentality that I am now used to. I have also grown into this way and learned just how much when we got off the flight and we had to quickly make our way to our connecting flight to Croatia. We decided to be Israeli and push through, not really saying too many sorrys along the way. As you now know, in Israel this would be normal nature. But we were officially in Europe and people were officially angered. I realized that while this is a mentality I have not grown up with, it is something I have grown into. So I couldn’t help but laugh even harder when we were walking through the airport and a woman who barely brushed my arm actually said sorry.

Fortunately we made our flight with time to spare, and soon we boarded onto our little plane for an hour flight to Zagreb, Croatia. Once we landed in Zagreb we had some lunch and a cappuccino. We then got on a bus for five hours to drive down to Split which is a city on the Dalmatian coast. When we arrived we had a little bit of trouble finding our hostel, but everyone was really friendly and helpful. Plus it allowed us to explore the city a little.

We were more than thankful though to get our bags off our backs and settle in to our hostel for the next few nights. There happened to be no one staying in our area of the hostel the first night and so we literally had the place to ourselves. This meant a bedroom, two bathrooms, a little lobby area, and a kitchen and lounge. Oh wait, yes, and a balcony. All for $20.00 a night. This could have been because it was the off-season in Croatia, but I’d like to agree with Ariel and think that we just have some good karma.

In our room we had a large flat-screen tv that also doubled as a computer monitor. It was here that I created the first backdrop advertisement for my blog:

After settling in and getting freshened up a bit we made our way to a restaurant called Fife. We were recommended it by both the Rick Steve’s book and the woman who worked at our hostel. It turned out to be exactly what we were looking for. We started a trend of ordering the table red wine, which for half a liter cost us each a mere $2.00. Ariel and I also both ordered the fresh seafood catch of the day. As she said, she always has no problem with eating the fresh catch and seeing what the chefs do to make it tasty. And tasty was exactly what it was.

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