Our Croatian Vacation: Day 3

The next morning Ariel and I woke up and continued our tradition of getting breakfast at the grocery store and then eating it at a cafe with our delicious cappuccinos. A lot of the cafes are outside and sometimes you can’t even tell where the actual inside of the cafe is. That particular morning when Ariel had to use the bathroom she strolled a little ways and eventually found the cafe. Little did we know it was a gorgeous little bakery with beautiful cakes.

We continued being in awe as we left the cafe and walked through Diocletian’s Palace. Using Rick Steve’s book as our tour guide we realized that we had actually seen the entire palace simply by walking around the city of Split. But this time around we understood more in-depth of exactly what it was. Inside the palace is now a museum of artifacts along with souveniour shops. I couldn’t help but wonder how Diocletian would feel if he saw his palace filled with small trinkets, magnets, and coffee mugs.

The good thing about having a book as our tour guide was that we could get all the information, but cater the tour to our liking. This meant that we could obnoxiously laugh at things we saw, dance when we heard songs we liked, walk into shops to browse Croatian fashion, and taste different figs and grapes from the markets along the way.

After our tour we headed to the beach for a few hours. Then we packed up our things and made our way to the ferry to make our way to Hvar for a few days. A Croatian island off the Adriatic sea? Ah, as I was riding on the ferry looking out the window I had another moment where I realized just how beautiful life can be.

Hvar is a gorgeous little place that is quaint and breathtaking. It is similar to Split, but no matter where you turn in Hvar you can always see a view of the Adriatic sea. Before coming to Croatia I read that many feel it is here that the water is the bluest in the world. I may now say I agree with whoever “they” are that said this.

After arriving we walked up a few hills and made our way to our hostel. It was here I truly believe we did have great karma because we got the best balcony there was.

After showering and getting ready we left our hostel to search for where to have dinner (That night I was able to eat a meal I had been anxiously awaiting for, grilled calamari, yummy in my tummy!) Upon looking around for a restaurant I noticed that Hvar is even more beautiful as the sun is setting.

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