Our Croatian Vacation: Day 2

The next morning Ariel and I woke up, packed up our bags, and walked out into the fresh open air of Split, Croatia. We began our morning exploring our surrounding area a bit, stopping soon after to have some coffee. In Croatia people go to cafe’s simply to get coffee or other related-drinks, but you can not get food there. So Ariel and I stopped in the Croatian grocery stores and pastry shops every morning to get some yogurt, fruit, and croissants and brought them with us to the cafe. The coffee in Croatia was incredible. The mugs were tiny, but the drink was so delicious I didn’t even mind.

Split looks like it is right out of the medieval times. There was once a famous Roman emperor, Diocletian, who lived and built a palace there at the turn of the Fourth Century AD. Much of the palace has remained [now a UNESCO World Heritage site], and around it are other beautiful architectural buildings that have been built. As Ariel and I strolled along through the city we encountered random piazzas small alley ways, fruits, vegetable, and fish markets stores that we haven’t seen since we studied abroad in Europe, and the Adriatic sea!

Once we spotted the beach we decided to stay for a little while and soak in the Croatian rays. While laying there I read some of my book, “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell. I have now since finished it and highly recommend it if you’re into the psychology thing at all. I also listened to some tunes on my iPod, and thought to myself how lovely my vacation was so far.

After a few hours and a lot of Vitamin D later we headed back to our “apartment.” I decided to go for a run, I always feel that running is an intimate way of getting to know a city better. While jogging along I ran by this great CVS/Walgreens-style shop called Bipa. It sold similar products, but was just way more fun. Seriously, how great are these shopping carts? After I got back from the run I told Ariel about it and we decided to check it out before dinner. We were like two little girls in a candy shop, smelling all the bath products and seeing what Croatian body lotion was like. A few purchases and a lot of smells later we decided it was time to eat.

We ate at another restaurant recommended by the Rick Steve’s book called Sperun. I ordered a delicious seafood meal of tuna steak, sardines (fresh not canned, baroor), and cauliflower. Ariel was particularly happy with her meal of cheese tortellini, or as she likes to call it, “grown-up mac & cheese.”

After stuffing our bellies with delicious food, we realized that it was getting late and it was time to head back to our “apartment.” Nearing midnight the streets were fairly empty when we left, I am assuming this is due to it being the off-season in Croatia. There we were, two young women who had palaces and piazzas surrounding us everywhere we turned. We could dance along the streets with no one nearby. Of course when someone did walk by we would laugh at how ridiculous we probably looked. But it was one of those moments of pure bliss, when everything stops for a little while and you step outside your problems and realize just how beautiful life can be.

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