Our Croatian Vacation: Day 4

This morning Ariel and I woke up with a full-planned day ahead of us. We went for our morning coffee and breakfast and were surprised to be given an easter treat along with our latte. We obviously don’t celebrate Easter, and in fact we didn’t even realize it was Easter until the day before when someone told us all the shops would be closed in town, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our treat.

We headed back to the hostel with the intention of making some breakfast and then going out on a boat to one of the nearby islands to explore there. Unfortunately rain was making its way to Hvar in a few days and the shores were rocky. The woman who owned the hostel (many people in Hvar build apartments or hostels off their homes and rent it out to tourists) was the one who would have rented the boat to us, along with some other travelers, and she didn’t feel it was safe to go. Ariel and I were a little upset about it, but then we soon realized that we had an entire day ahead of us on an island to roam around as we pleased.

We began our afternoon walking around Hvar and browsing some of the tourist shops that remained open. We went to a cute little yoga-style store that sold earthy products. I of course got a shirt here and then was given it in a fun bag that doubled as a small purse. At the top the saleswoman put in lavender because Hvar is the island that grows the most lavender in the world. It not only looked fun, but it smelled delightful.

After browsing around stores we decided to browse the area around the water. In Hvar there are no big beaches that people go to, but rather little inlets where you can go yourself and sit near the sea. Ariel and I found a quaint little area and relaxed there for a few hours. It was as delightful as the lavender was smelling.

We then went back to our hostel, hung out, and talked on our balcony for awhile. Per usual we got ready for dinner and then went and browsed around for restaurants. Hvar is more expensive than other areas in Croatia since it is on an island. Knowing this we thought we’d have our one ‘splurge meal’ here and this night we did just that. We ate in what was a 500 year old palace and I literally have never had so many endorphins from food ever. Going into the meal I told Ariel how I never usually spend money on food, I’d rather cook myself and save and spend my money on more important things … such as clothes (heh heh). But after this meal, I may be re-budgeting my expenses because there is nothing quite like a delicious meal. After I had finished eating I was so longing for my mussels I literally was using my spoon to still taste the sauce.

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