Our Croatian Vacation: Day 5

Today was the day of walking up hills. Before moving on up Ariel and I made our way to the same cafe as the day before for a lovely cappuccino along with our breakfast. We then walked to the top of a hill to go to a fortress that was built in the 16th century. Along the way we found a cute stand selling lavender materials. We told the man working there that we’d be back on our way back down.

We then continued along the path, and along the way we would stop and just take pictures of the amazing views. I couldn’t wait to get to the top and see it all around me. Once we made it we were greeted by a field of what I liked to call, ‘beautiful yellow flowers’ We then moseyed our way in to the Fortress and went to an area where we could just stand or sit for awhile and look out.

The views were out of this world and really put you into a state of zen:

After spending some time looking around we again moseyed our way into and around the fortress. At one point we went into a jail cell which I thought was particularly cool. After realizing we really didn’t want to leave we decided to spend some more time up there to go into the souvenir shop. It was then time to head back down where we eventually made our way to the lavender stand and bought some delicious smelling purchases. I got a small bottle of lavender oil which is supposed to alleviate the pain of headaches when you rub some of it onto your temples. I’ll let you know next time I have a headache if this works or not.

Soon we made our way back to the sea where we found another little private inlet to lay on for a few hours. We then went back to the hostel, gathered our things, and rode on the ferry back to Split. Once we were there we walked up another hill to see another view. Upon getting to the top we didn’t turn around to see the view. This was because Ariel had spotted some Hebrew on the building that was a cafe at the top and we were more excited about this.

We then turned around and looked at the view of Split, which was absolutely beautiful. Afterwards we decided to stay up there for a little while and have some coffee. I liked being up there because not only was it beautiful, but it was a park where a lot of Croatians went. I was surrounded by Croatians and not tourists, and that is always a great thing to be able to experience when traveling.

After we went back to Fife, a restaurant we had dinner at the first night. Then we went to the train station to board onto my first-ever overnight train ride. An eight hour ride back to Zagreb in a teensy little room with three beds and a small sink. Our roommate was an elderly Italian woman who was laughing hysterically at us and telling us we looked like we we were doing acrobatics as we were jumping back and forth trying to make our way up to our beds. I slept on what I could call the ‘top bunk’ above two other beds. What an experience this was! I couldn’t help but laugh the entire time.

I can’t say I got the best nights sleep that night, but after 8 hours one of the men working on the train woke us up to tell us we would soon be in Zagreb. When we got off the train it was a rainy day. But it was a good day, and that’s because it was Ariel’s birthday! Happy 23rd birthday Miss Ariel Sternberg!

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