It’s Been Awhile

Oh wow, I knew it had been awhile since I last wrote an entry on here but I didn’t realize it’d been that long. I turned to Ariel the other day at lunch and said to her, “Will I be able to write a blog entry at your aunt and uncles?!” Her family is Orthodox […]

Focus: The End of Volunteering

Ever since I was on USY on Wheels (back in Summer of 2004) we had a day where we volunteered at a food pantry by placing cans and other items into boxes. I remember we wanted to have some fun while doing it, so we decided to have a little competition to see who could […]

This Weeks Markings

This week marked two things. You could say both had been a long time coming. One was a bit more obvious, and that was the fact that this is my last week of living in Rehovot and volunteering! I can not believe how fast the time has flown. Like time, where did you go? If […]

Food Blog: Shakshouka

Lately I’ve gotten into cooking here and I thought to myself, ‘why not blog and share what I am making with everyone?’ So I thought I would “spice” (get the pun?!) things up a bit and write a food blog entry. Given my obsession with the food in Israel, I should have assumed these kinds […]