World Jewish Congress

The following entry was written during my time in Israel. I hadn’t yet uploaded the photos so I didn’t want to post it. But now here it is, photos and all!

I recently had my last few days of work at Lone Star Communications. I ended it in great fashion, attending the majority of the meetings for the World Jewish Congress (WJC) due to the fact that we were hired to do all of the international media for it. And I benefited by being able to go to the meetings and eat the delicious meals. Our fridge broke and it was a perfect time for me to be fed food from an outside source without having to pay any money for it (Seriously, how lucky was I?!) Though the meetings were private and I can not divulge any information I do want to say that while the point of the World Jewish Congress is to lobby for Israel, a bigger role they serve is to lobby for the Jewish diaspora as a whole. Yes, for Jews living all over the world. The president of the WJC is Ronald Lauder, son of Estee Lauder, the creator of the elegant make-up company. He is a W man — witty and wise, and now I have to put it out there that if you are looking to buy Estee Lauder make-up know that your money will be going to a good place.

While Ronald Lauder is witty, he is also a serious man who is very passionate about Judaism and Israel, and always making sure that it’s not necessary to always mix the two together. On the opening night of the Congressional meeting I was fortunate enough to be able to see Shimon Peres, the president of Israel and former three-time Prime-Minister of the Holy Land. Throughout the course of the conference I also saw Tzipi Livni, the former president of Uruguay, Dan Diker, and many other notables speak. I think one of my favorite moments of the conference though was when my co-workers and I walked into the room at the end of a speech given by Tony Blair. We arrived at perfect timing, just as Mr. Blair was walking down and greeting people. My hand shook his hand! His unbelievably smooth hand I should add. What a man, what a smile. This moment occurred on my last day of work and I have to say, what a great way to end my time with Lone Star.

After I gave my thanks and good-byes I headed to the bus stop for what was my last solo ride in Jerusalem as an OTZMAnikim. On the way back to the Kfar I put on my iPod and cried. People around me stared yes, I came onto the bus excited to have just met Tony Blair, and I left with a red, swollen face from my tears. Everything in my Jerusalem experience was incredible, right from the beginning to the end. I could argue that those were the happiest two months of my life thus far. I know I am only 23, but hey 23 is still a significant amount of time. If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand be forgotten. Seriously.

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