This blog began 3 years ago when I was a recent college graduate embarking on a year-long adventure to Israel where I volunteered, studied the Hebrew language and attempted to learn about other cultures and the lives of others. In return, I learned way more about myself then I could have ever anticipated. It has been more than 2 years since my last blog entry, and I honestly can’t give a good reason why it has not been updated. Maybe it’s because I had returned to the United States and the blog was very Israel-specific. Or maybe it’s because I wasn’t feeling too inspired. Regardless, in these past 2 years I have kept up with anything and everything ‘Middle East’ as much as I could. I am now living in New York City and trying to dive back deep into my efforts of blogging. I’ll still discuss Israel on here, but I also want this blog to be lifestyle – sharing fun things like the best cocktail I had this weekend, and discuss more serious things like the New York City education system. Israel, and the Middle East, will continue to be written about. I can’t say this blog has much of a direct focus – but it does align with its new title: ‘Our Thoughts Are  Forming the World’. These are my thoughts, and this is my world.

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