Holy Moly, I’m Back in the U S of A

I ended my time with OTZMA and in Israel in a perfect fashion. All of the OTZMAnikim and I went up north for the last four days to partake in some hiking, swimming, rafting, relaxing, and just thoroughly enjoying our time together times. After an intense cleaning and yelling at session with the staff of […]

June Has Arrived

It’s the month of June! This is the same month that my feet will be stepping into U.S. soil. I’ve been recently stepping my feet away from my computer and taking in all that I can of Israel. This unfortunately means I haven’t able to dedicate as much time to my blog as I’d like […]

Our Croatian Vacation: Day 4

This morning Ariel and I woke up with a full-planned day ahead of us. We went for our morning coffee and breakfast and were surprised to be given an easter treat along with our latte. We obviously don’t celebrate Easter, and in fact we didn’t even realize it was Easter until the day before when […]

Our Croatian Vacation: Day 3

The next morning Ariel and I woke up and continued our tradition of getting breakfast at the grocery store and then eating it at a cafe with our delicious cappuccinos. A lot of the cafes are outside and sometimes you can’t even tell where the actual inside of the cafe is. That particular morning when […]