Our Croatian Vacation: Day 2

The next morning Ariel and I woke up, packed up our bags, and walked out into the fresh open air of Split, Croatia. We began our morning exploring our surrounding area a bit, stopping soon after to have some coffee. In Croatia people go to cafe’s simply to get coffee or other related-drinks, but you […]

Our Croatian Vacation: Day 1

Hello Blog! Oh, how I’ve missed you. Although my fingers have not been typing a lot recently, they will be tired soon because I have a lot to catch up on. I am now sitting at Ariel’s aunt and uncles having just arrived back in the Holy Land less than 24 hours ago. This past […]

MASA Building Future Leadership: Day 3

First I just want to say Happy Anniversary to my beautiful parents. They have been married for 30 years! Woah! Mom and dad, may you have more than 30 years of the same love and happiness you have shared in these past 30. Today was the special interest day of the seminar. I had signed […]

The Jerusalem Marathon

I did it! I ran my first competitive race. It was a 10K/ 6.4 miles, and Miriam and I finished in just an hour and ten minutes. The night before we ate a delicious and festive pre-run dinner of pasta with vegetables. I of course added some tofu to the mix. The next morning I […]

Purim = My Favorite Holiday

If a few weeks ago someone were to have asked me, “Hey Lauren. What’s your favorite holiday?” I would have probably either said, “No clue.” Or, I would have lied and said Thanksgiving. Now don’t get me wrong, Thanksgiving is great! Nothing like getting together with your loved ones, watching football, and eating tasty food […]