World Jewish Congress

The following entry was written during my time in Israel. I hadn’t yet uploaded the photos so I didn’t want to post it. But now here it is, photos and all! I recently had my last few days of work at Lone Star Communications. I ended it in great fashion, attending the majority of the […]

OTZMA Final Ceremony

On Sunday evening I worked until around 10:00 p.m. Mayors from over 26 countries visited Israel and came together in learning about each other’s countries and coming up with new and creative ideas. The opening ceremony for that was wonderful and I was fortunate enough to be able to attend. The next day I continued […]

June Has Arrived

It’s the month of June! This is the same month that my feet will be stepping into U.S. soil. I’ve been recently stepping my feet away from my computer and taking in all that I can of Israel. This unfortunately means I haven’t able to dedicate as much time to my blog as I’d like […]

11 Million and 1

Sunday was a big day. It was the day we officially remembered the Holocaust, all of its horrifying events that took place, and all of the incredible 11 million people that were killed. While we honoured and remembered the deaths of these 11 million, the intentional killing of 1 human being also took place. Osama […]