The Ripple Effects

I went into Jerusalem the day before the race. In order to run you had to pick up your bag that had your number, chip, t-shirt, and other materials inside. To get all of these things you had to go to the Expo Center, which is across the street from the central bus station. In […]

The Jerusalem Marathon

I did it! I ran my first competitive race. It was a 10K/ 6.4 miles, and Miriam and I finished in just an hour and ten minutes. The night before we ate a delicious and festive pre-run dinner of pasta with vegetables. I of course added some tofu to the mix. The next morning I […]

Jerusalem, If I Forget You

Jerusalem, if I forget you let my right hand forget what it’s supposed to do. This is a line from the song “Jerusalem” by Matisyahu. It was inspired by an actual psalm, If I ever forget you, Jerusalem, let my fingers wither and fall off like leaves. Since 2004 Jerusalem has remained relatively quiet and […]

Jewish Geography

On Monday morning some of us OTZMAnikim made our way into Jerusalem for the day to gain an insider perspective into the Jewish world. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Lauren, the Jewish world? You are in the Jewish world! For one, you are Jewish. And for two, you’re in Israel for crying out loud!” […]


Entry hand written on Thursday, February 3: I am currently sitting on the train making my way from Rehovot to Haifa. I get to spend the weekend with some of my best friends and I couldn’t be more excited. Unfortunately the internet in my apartment has been slacking on us. So I’m writing this entry […]

The Holiest Day in the Holiest City

The best part about this time of year is that when Yom Kippur ends you know you have an entire year until you have to go 25 hours without food or water again. Unless of course you are “super relig” (the new lingo everyone says here) and fast for the other three holidays as well. […]

Shook & Slichot

Today after Ulpan class Ariel and I made our way to the Shook and it was even more delightful than I could have imagined. Every possible fruit and vegetable was there, along with fresh dried fruit, nuts, and other local handmade crafts. Israelis from all over town were there getting their fruits and veggies for […]