Focus: The End of Volunteering

Ever since I was on USY on Wheels (back in Summer of 2004) we had a day where we volunteered at a food pantry by placing cans and other items into boxes. I remember we wanted to have some fun while doing it, so we decided to have a little competition to see who could […]

This Weeks Markings

This week marked two things. You could say both had been a long time coming. One was a bit more obvious, and that was the fact that this is my last week of living in Rehovot and volunteering! I can not believe how fast the time has flown. Like time, where did you go? If […]

Lauren and the Israel

This morning I woke up, made some breakfast, and finished season five of Sex and the City. Let me fill you in on a little secret — last night I started season five of Sex and the City. Granted, there are only eight episodes, each being around 25 minutes long. I had nothing to do […]

A Perfect Picture of the Israeli Life

Amir and I immediately bonded the first day of OTZMA due to the fact that his last name is simply two letters longer than mine. Lauren Zink, meet Amir ZinkOW. It’s funny, there I was meeting someone for the first time to have a last name extremely similar to mine and I thought to myself, […]


It is now Sunday which marks the first day of my full week of volunteering. Last week I volunteered at two of the three places I will be working at for these next four months, and I could not be more pleased. Initially I came to Israel hoping I could participate in more physical labor […]

The Beginning of My Rehovot Life

Tomorrow is Tuesday and that will mean I will have officially been living in Rehovot for a week. If this past week measures up to the next four months then I am more than sure I’ll have a great four months ahead of me. Today we started our volunteering which I was very much looking […]

Ready, Set, Part 2, Go!

My computer is officially back with me! Mrs. Mac, how I’ve missed you so. Now that you are in my hands I can blog on you consistently again. Right now I am eating a home-cooked meal in my new living quarters — a big, beautiful, apartment. Once we have it decorated I will be sure […]