Dinner and Runs

I have been fortunate enough to already become very close with two girls. One of them coincidentally is my roommate and we have started a tradition of cooking together every night. I would like to think it is a very cute habit of us, and we’re fortunate to both love various dishes of chicken/fish/tofu and […]

My New (Temporary) Hometown

So I thought I would write a bit about the place that I am living in for the next three months. The town is called Ashquelon (can also be spelt Ashkelon) and it is filled with a wide variety of people, yet not as wide a variety of things to do. There are beautiful neighborhoods […]


Tonight has been so very needed! My friend Ariel’s aunt and uncle happen to live in a town right outside of Jerusalem and I have been fortunate enough to be invited to spend the night here. Ariel and my other good friend Vanessa and I have had a very relaxing afternoon/evening of cooking dinner, hanging […]

Happy September!

Today we took an hour-and-a-half bus ride to Ashalim in the Negev and Galilee desert. We were in the middle of nowhere for a long time, but when we pulled up it looked like a little community had been built. The Ayalim Organization formed this community, which is a modern 21st century Zionist-style movement. When […]

Post-First Shabbat

Sunday morning we woke up and had a speaker, Neil Lazarus, come to the Kibbutz. I actually had seen him once before on Birthright and have been receiving generals e-mails from him about Israel and problems in the Middle East ever since. I have to say that he was even better than I remembered and […]

First Blog Entry in Israel!

On Tuesday morning around 10:00 a.m. I arrived with my parents at the Newark Airport. When I walked through the door to the El Al check-in area I looked down and saw a small group of people sitting in a circle. Take a big guess who they were! One of the first people I saw […]