Our Croatian Vacation: Day 4

This morning Ariel and I woke up with a full-planned day ahead of us. We went for our morning coffee and breakfast and were surprised to be given an easter treat along with our latte. We obviously don’t celebrate Easter, and in fact we didn’t even realize it was Easter until the day before when […]

Our Croatian Vacation: Day 3

The next morning Ariel and I woke up and continued our tradition of getting breakfast at the grocery store and then eating it at a cafe with our delicious cappuccinos. A lot of the cafes are outside and sometimes you can’t even tell where the actual inside of the cafe is. That particular morning when […]

Our Croatian Vacation: Day 2

The next morning Ariel and I woke up, packed up our bags, and walked out into the fresh open air of Split, Croatia. We began our morning exploring our surrounding area a bit, stopping soon after to have some coffee. In Croatia people go to cafe’s simply to get coffee or other related-drinks, but you […]

Our Croatian Vacation: Day 1

Hello Blog! Oh, how I’ve missed you. Although my fingers have not been typing a lot recently, they will be tired soon because I have a lot to catch up on. I am now sitting at Ariel’s aunt and uncles having just arrived back in the Holy Land less than 24 hours ago. This past […]